CINNAMINSON, NJ — Cinnaminson police have acquired a new vehicle that will help in emergency situations. Brinks U.S. of Cinnaminson has donated an armored vehicle to the police department, Chief Richard Calabrese announced on Wednesday.

“The Cinnaminson Township Police would like to thank Brinks U.S. of Cinnaminson for the very generous donation of one of their armored vehicles that was recently taken out of service,” Calabrese said. “This vehicle will be added to our fleet and will be used for special operations.”

Some of those operations will include any situation involving a barricaded person, a bank robbery or anything that has the potential to involve a gun, Calabrese said.

“If an officer is under fire, we can roll the car right up and get them inside,” Calabrese said. “No one puts their life in danger, no one has to be a hero, and we save the officer.”

Brinks regularly decommissions vehicles that it can’t use anymore, but are still in good shape. Those vehicles are then donated to local law enforcement and municipalities. This particular vehicle has a diesel engine, is from 2004 and has 464,000 miles on it.

“That’s nothing for a diesel,” Calabrese said. “We just get new tires, change the brakes. I expect it to last until the end of my career.”

The police department will also do a safety check and paint the vehicle before putting it out on the street. It was free for the police department, and it can be